Sunday, October 11, 2015

Caught Between Cultures and Living a Life of Spirituality

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Caught Between Cultures and Living a Life of Spirituality

Pray Without Ceasing

Well it's Sunday morning and for many good Christians its important to get up and go to Sunday church. This weekly reminder of how to be a good Christian is important for all the pileup of a week's worth of sins and potential damnation. The pastor's words mysteriously seem to hit home and a deep spirit of love and fellowship is felt on a soul level. This weekly ritual is important to remind folks what truly is important in life. Afterwards, perhaps after a brunch with family its nice to come home and kick back and read or watch football.

Then the week begins and day-to-day problems rear their ugly heads oftentimes first thing Monday morning. Grumpy with the "Monday Morning Blues" its a difficult thing to keep up the good feelings when Monday's start out so difficult. When "Wednesday Hump Day" finally arrives people are so thankful that half the work week is finally over. Whew! And the stresses of the week just seem to continue to pile up because there are two more whole days left. And then TGIF arrives and Friday night never looked so good. Perhaps the bulk of the week's worth of sins are played out on that very night for some.

Coincidentally, Friday night is also the start of the Jewish Shabbat which is Judaism's day of rest and sacredness, the  seventh day of the week (our month/week calendars end on Saturday, not Sunday and Sunday is the primary beginning of the work week) on which religious Jews remember the Biblical creation of the heavens and the earth in six days and on the seventh day they rest, Saturday (the Christian's "Sunday").

Things are quite different then when Friday night partying revelers begin to amp up their weekend and Jews begin the complete opposite; an interesting dichotomy.

Often I feel being brought up in the Christian church and then discovering my Jewish heritage that I am caught in-between two worlds. And there are times I cannot find a place of peace for myself in the church or synagogue. In fact I have a nine different countries and cultures in my DNA so I am quite a unique blended Euro-American.

Recently I was attending a Christian church and I mentioned in Bible class something about Buddhist teachings. I was met with "they're all sinners and that religion is a sin." spoken by the pastor himself and one of the women in the class. That struck a nerve because my partner is Buddhist. I felt their views were incorrect from the beauty and balance I always felt when connecting with the teachings myself.

Needless to say, that's why I'm sitting here on a Sunday morning typing this to you. I'm not wanting to return to that church's narrow views. Sigh. So I'm back to the same space I've been many-a-time; caught between cultures.

There was a time when I did feel at peace and at home with myself and world. This was a time when I embraced the Native American side of myself. There is where I felt the deepest 'home'. When standing in the middle of a medicine wheel out on the land or praying beside a sacred fire; or fire-keeping a sacred lodge of stones brought from the Taos, NM mountains.

I've found that I am a blend of cultures and from where I sit, my sense of how things feel the best for me is to be spiritual throughout each day, moment and breath. This means staying present, being in the moment, the now.  Being mindful.  Being.

Praying as a form of meditation and remaining in the moment of each breath. I cannot judge the Christians, Jews or Buddhists, or Native cultures - I AM all of these things. But what works for me is nature where I see the calming reminder of Mother Nature all around me and feel my deepest sense of home. Throughout my work week I seek to balance within the moment of talking with a client, gazing at my puppies in gratitude, praying and meditating with peace and love in my heart; thinking about my partner and his smile; and so many more ways to be present and live in the moment. It's about being mindful of the world around me and how it is my mirror; how I am reflected in it, and how much love is reflected back to me.

These are oftentimes my "mini church moments" throughout my day. So therefore my church is all around me; and also within me.  I love the structured feeling going to Sunday church feels and listening to the mindful words and truth are what I am drawn to. So I do miss it. However, my peace comes from within and to that I cling.

Hoping your day and the week ahead are filled with peace and joy!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Robin Williams' Daughter Says She's 'Heartbroken' Over Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend's Passing & Raises Awareness About Suicide Prevention

Robin Williams' Daughter Says She's 'Heartbroken' Over Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend's Passing & Raises Awareness About Suicide Prevention

So saddened to hear about Jim Carrey's ex girlfriend's suicide. If she were a sensitive as what Jim's statement to the press implies, she is no doubt a gentle soul filled with Light.

Here is what he said:

"I am shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona. She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled. My heart goes out to her family and friends and to everyone who loved and cared about her. We have all been hit with a lightning bolt."

This is quite a jolt indeed. After seeing Jim's YouTube video about his own awakening I have to add that he has been on that beautiful journey back to self, (and of course only to find out there was no 'leaving' involved which I'm sure he gets) yet he would actually attract another similar in so many ways. Cathriona would have battled within her inner world only to come up short and sadly unavailable for herself.

(This last super full blood moon (another like this won't occur for 18 more years) was and still is quite a whopper of intense energy.)

What saddens me is that suicide prevention is so vital and especially for a sensitive like Cathriona. What is a sensitive? Click here.  For so many that have either severe depression or are bi-polar, and or with similar challenges, a true dose of inner landscape discovery and direct experience would be a strong solid step in the right direction toward their healing.

I cannot stress this enough.  I had a client who was 55 years old, he was severely depressed for 50 of those years. After three months of TGI he was literally a different man. He was alive, engaging with his world, and happy for the first time in 50 years. People that knew him were in shock over the difference.

What is TGI and why is it so awesome? TGI is Transformational Guided Imagery. Honestly, it's not a reinvention of the wheel, in fact sports medicine has been working with TGI or a similar methodology for decades. All I do is allow the person's psyche to heal the person themselves.  It's really about trusting that it in fact can and will happen.  I guess I've seen so much success from day one that my faith or trust is just unshakable.  I've never ever seen anyone not have a tremendous experience of healing and personal self-growth.  People that have PTSD, brain damage, Autism, terminal cancer, and so on have all been massively either cured or have seen tremendous substantial improvement, and in the case of the cancer, just simply eradicated it. It's really not a mystery when you thing of the human body's potential for being an absolute

To hear this sad story about young Catheriona is just heart-breaking.  She might not have had the tools to cope in life whether mental and/or emotional.  Spiritual tools are just so vital especially nowadays where the world is so much more intense and populated.  If she was a sensitive, she was also an empath and could pick up on a thousand other energies from everyone around her. If she was su4rounded by out-of-balance people, that would only exacerbate things for her.

Sometimes I wish I had a global megaphone to share the message of hope through this work. Alas, I have my blog and a website. Perhaps someday soon I will have that megaphone. :)

Until then, you can be introduced to TGI through my website and also my new book Happily Inner After which is finally out now, thank God.

Rest in Peace Dear Cathriona.

Ose Ahava Shalom!

Many Blessings & Stay Sovereign & Centered,


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love Story

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A New Ending with "Happily Inner After"

Dear TwiFans, this is a message of faith, hope and love for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen and Bella Swan-Cullen from the famed Twilight series. This article puts a magnifying glass on their paralleling relationship. Though it is long over, both of them moving on in their lives; I wanted you to see how to apply the teachings of Happily Inner After to change the "what if" potential. What if they had the right tools for "conscious coupling" at their young ages? Could they have had an alternative result? You bet. And, you can apply this teaching to your own relationship for immense success. ...

Both Bella and Edward are in the process of moving from the princess and prince, to the Queen and King archetypes within themselves; it is an evolution of wonder and surprise. And for Kristen and Robert, they too will move into their sovereign integral as inner king and queen respectively. Their love is profound and vast.  It transcends and scales new heights. It is strong and powerful. This is a lesson for all of us. We too must let go of everything that seems necessary or important in our outer world and stand gazing into the eyes of our inner BeLoved, and love ourselves. Then open our eyes and see ourselves in everything and everyone around us. Give ourselves the chance for a rebirth back into / from / with the Divine.

Here's To Love,

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Edward and Bella Twilight Twilight's Robert & Kristen Love Story 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Welcome dear friends to my Happily Inner After blog .... about love and loving life! Thousands of songs are written about love. It is a never ending topic. I explore love and how from day to day we experience it in our lives.

Welcome and join me on my journey in love! ❤